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The first high-performance, celluloid-free plastic table tennis ball

Play it, feel it, love it.
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Play it, feel it, love it.

TriBax® Technology is the new game
Only TriBax® Technology can currently offer a high-performance plastic table tennis ball that matches the characteristics of celluloid. TriBax® meets the demands of players today!

TriBax® is a revolutionary technology, enabling the highest plastic ball consistency available today. Balls don’t slide over the table and adhere perfectly to the bat’s rubber surface.

Feel the control and see the ball land exactly where you aimed, one hit after the other. TriBax® 3-star table tennis balls are ITTF approved for all international tournaments and competitions.

TriBax® Technology

Consistency is key!

In modern competitive table tennis,
ball consistency is key.

Revolutionary TriBax® Technology offers just what you need - and what the ITTF demands in international tournaments and competitions; A plastic, high-performance table tennis ball.

TriBax® brings reliability and accuracy to your game.

The TriBax® promise:

•   Reliable trajectory

•   Superb roundness

•   Extreme hardness

•   Pressurized play

•   Perfect bounce

•   Excellent rebound

•   Uniform thickness

Now, you can refine your game and strategies. TriBax® consistency boosts your ability to confidently beat every opponent.

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Superior quality, made in Germany

High-level professional players helped develop TriBax® superb characteristics.

German ingenuity matched with the experience and demands of high-level pro players are the foundations of TriBax® Technology. State-of-the-art equipment and mature processes were developed on the basis of extensive knowledge and experience, which lead to supreme ball quality.

Ongoing R&D forms the basis for continuous improvement. Feedback from players and an extensive test program are helping take the first generation to the next level.

TriBax® extra advantages include chemical stability, non-flammable, easy to store and transport.

TriBax® Information

Table tennis balls with TriBax® technology will be marketed in the coming months. Further information and new developments will be published on this website.

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Play it, feel it, love it.

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